Radio Feature

SWR radio feature (German) from June 29 2020 on spatial sound dramaturgies, including the EOC and its approach on spatialization (starting at 24'00''):

Link to the radio Feature

Premiere: Closed Captions

Premiere of Closed Captions as part of the Quarantine Session #15 on July 4:

Thanks to the Quarantine Session Performers:

  • Constantin Basica (Palo Alto, CA)
  • Chris Chafe (Woodside, CA)
  • Fernando Lopez-Lezcano (San Carlos, CA)
  • Juan Parra (Ghent, BE)
  • Klaus Scheuermann (Berlin, DE)

And a special thanks to the Guests:

  • Emily Graber, violin (Toronto, CAN)
  • Hans Kretz, Clavinova (Palo Alto, CA)
  • Scott Oshiro, flute (Stanford, CA)
  • Sarah Weaver, conductor (Chicago, IL)

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